My Best tips On How to Dazzle With Your Curves.

As I said previously, this blog is for all the ladies out there who struggle with their style. Today, after spending days in doors watching Netflix, to wake my inner Audrey Hepburn, Queen of Style, I put on my pearls, my extra large black shades and set up my sun lounger. Now from my back garden office I’m gonna talk about how to make the most of your Apple body.  Nothing to do with any kind of electronics here though FYI.

If you aren’t sure about your body shape dear, feel free to download my very own body shape guide here before we get started. 

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Feeling like a true lady with my Pearls…

To keep things clear, there are five different bodyshapes and the “Apple” tends to carry her weight around the middle lacking a real defined waistline. The following tips will work for all apples  regardless of wether you are big breasted or not, tall or petite, size 12 or 24. Fantastic!!! 

Tips 1: Attract the Eye Elsewhere!!! 

If your stomach area is giving you trouble, try not to wear bold colours or big patterns on your top. Instead wear them on your accessories, shoes, bags, statement jewellery, hair clips, sunglasses.etc… It will distract the attention and give a lot more character to a simple outfit. When I don’t feel like dressing up I just pair a funky necklace with a black top, or a white shirt and it does the trick! 

Tips 2: Pay Attention To The Fabric.

Clingy fabric won’t be your friend but neither will loose fabric. You need structure lady! 

When you go shopping it is best to look for something that breathes. Great fabrics to choose from include cotton or linen. Modal, which is natural, soft, stretchy and durable. Viscose is also good with its silky feel when choosing dresses.

Padded, pleated or ruffled pieces won’t do you justice either as they will add more volume to your silhouette. Always choose pieces as “clean” as possible. 

Tips 3: Elongate Your Silhouette. 

For tops and dresses, Booby or not, a V-neck will be your best friend. A lower neckline will keep eyes away from your middle.  Empire line and wrapped dresses will flatter you the best. You don’t want anything too fitted, especially around the waist. 

High waisted bottoms will give you a nice waist line and also elongate your legs. A flared or bootcut finish will also create a nice proportion with your curves. Prairie, wrapped or any skirts with a floaty A-Line will work. If you go for Midi or Maxi make sure it has a slit, we need to show off those legs of yours otherwise it be will too blocky. 

And as I said earlier your top half will need to stay neutral, feel free to wear colour and (medium size) patterns on the bottom, any will work, that’s where you can have fun.

Now Pretty Apples, I hope these tips helped, you can go embrace your body and create your very own signature style. 

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