The first step on your Style Journey

Let’s be honest, I haven’t always felt like I was living the teenage dream when it comes to my body…

It had been okay, until one day in my very early twenties when my lovely cousin pointed out that I have very short legs compared to my upper body… and that was all it took. You know, one of those little throw away comments from your loved ones that makes you become so self-conscious. No trousers were working for me, I stopped wearing flats, I started walking around in very uncomfortable high heels. To add insult to injury I was living in Bordeaux at the time. Now don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful city but there are cobbled streets everywhere! If I wanted to go out, it had to be for a very good reason. The worst thing was I couldn’t stop comparing myself to others. Bordeaux is full of tall, beautiful and very stylish girls, trust me I noticed every one. I spent most of my time just feeling miserable, unworthy and ashamed of my badly proportioned body.

It’s not even a question of age, a very dear client of mine who’s in her late forties never used to wear dresses just because she hates the shape of her calves. A friend told me last week that she will be shopping for new clothes once she has the perfect body…

Let me tell you ladies, the perfect body is the one that carries you every day. It allows you to breathe, it takes you places, helps you to smell, to see, to feel things. We are only gonna get one, so we had better make the most of it!!

I wasn’t prepared however to feel bad in my own body all my life so I just had to accept it, to love it and to discover what flatters it. Starting with what kind of cuts would suit me best, how to tuck my tops in to make my legs look longer. I have learned little tricks over the years that I now share with my lovely clients. I hate wearing high heels so I had to find other solutions. I had to be more creative because I wasn’t prepared to get a leg extension if such a thing even exists…

We are definitely worthy of wearing outfits that make us feel amazing. We deserve to take pleasure while getting dressed in the morning, to allow ourselves to feel sexy. It’s not about fashion or trends it’s about wearing clothes that make you love the way you feel. No matter the size of your hips or the amount of stretch marks you have, stop hiding your body under those black leggings and over sized clothes and let’s make cellulite trendy!!

Do you remember when your friend bought that lovely pair of culotte trousers, or when you saw a great outfit on a 6ft tall supermodel in the style rubric of your daily paper and you found it so pretty that you directly felt the urge to go get it for yourself? It was only in the fitting room that you realised that an outfit can look great on someone else but not always on you. So instead of full shopping bags you just went home with your two dear shopping friends Disappointment and Frustration.

Imagine a world where you can go shopping, with no sweat and tears. You just pop in and out of shops knowing that you are picking the right cuts that suit you perfectly? My best advice as a Personal Stylist is to know what suits your body shape!! This will be the first step into your style transformation.

When you know what will flatter your body shape you can instead look for styles that properly fit you and you can finally get creative with. Style is about adapting the trends that suit yourself. Your lifestyle, your taste but mostly your body.

My point is, we are all beautiful, no matter what our size is. There is something out there for everyone, don’t give up on yourself because you feel like nothing fits, you just haven’t found YOUR fit yet. It’s time to rediscover your body, and to start your own style journey.

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