How Can I Up my Style Karma?

When I told my best friend I wanted to write about fast fashion she said to me “Oh Mathilde, please don’t do another patronising eco warrior article and bore everyone… “

Regularly, she buys yet another £8 pair of shoes knowing that when she tells me it will start me off on the rant. Despite that all she does when I start talking is raise those perfectly threaded eyebrows. Ultimately she doesn’t want to be reminded that her purchase is pretty much supporting child labour. 

A lot of people buy cheap clothing because it’s easily accessible in the UK. Primark for example offers a whole wardrobe for a weeks wages. I get it, it’s tempting. I believe the easy option isn’t always the best though. The styling choices you make say something very powerful about who you are. They reflect your values, personality and self worth. So come on ladies, let me show you how you can make style choices that in the bigger picture, will be  far more of an investment in yourself. 

Nowadays we can feel like we are all being ranted at from all directions. Every topic from our consumption, quitting meat, choosing the bike over the car. In the long term though they are small but powerful changes that will lead to a better world; a world in which we feel good about ourselves and the part that we play. I have found ways to apply this in how I choose to fill my wardrobe, and don’t worry I am not about to tell you to start shearing sheep to make your own wool! I believe it’s just about finding a balance and choosing pieces that flatter your karma as much as your legs. 

Good resolutions can be started all year round. Why not make one of your intentions to become a little more choosy about your consumption whether its of food, travel or your wardrobe. As a personal stylist with an interest in sustainability, I can promise you that whatever your budget I will find you pieces that mean you do not need to keep buying a new top every weekend. Yes ladies, economical styling with a conscience is an option that will make you look and feel great. 

I will teach you the secrets of how to fill your wardrobe with timeless pieces that you will absolutely love to wear. For example, when I go shopping with my clients I never talk about trends. I focus on getting items that will compliment their body shape, work with their lifestyle and reflect their gorgeous personalities. 

It’s not about stopping yourself from shopping completely. In preparation for your shopping trip, don’t even step out of your front door until you have gone back to your room and taken a deep look at your wardrobe. Make sure It’s easy to access and tidy. You will be a lot more eager to play with your style if you can clearly see what’s in there! 

Then, before buying that puffed sleeve blouse that you have been thinking about for a week, make sure you can create at least 3 great outfits with it. If you take a moment before going to the till you may remember that you already have a great blouse buried in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in ages and is even better than the one winking at you on its hanger! Another great test as well is to think of at least 30 occasions you will be able to wear it for! Is it ok for work but you can also wear it for your Sunday coffee with your girlfriends? Does it works for date nights too? Be sure that you are buying the item because you really like it and not because you’ve seen an influencer wearing it on Instagram. Otherwise you will be bored of it after 3 wears and already longing for the next must have piece!

Ok, so you have at least 3 great outfits and 30 occasions, next look at the label, is it easily washable? You are a Busy woman! Whilst hand washing is barely bearable, who seriously has time for dry cleaning?

Has it been stitched properly? Asking for a 20% discount at the till will only make you go home with a slightly faulty item! Quality is key for good durability! 

The changes we have to make can be empowering. Instead of running to Zara every five minutes, how would it feel to be able to just style up that perfect black dress? It already makes you look and feel great as you invested wisely. Trust me, this formula works. If your ready to become an eco- warrior with your wardrobe, let’s do this. Let me know your thoughts, after all us eco- warriors must stick together.

 My friend is still a work in progress….

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