Every Woman deserves a Personal Stylist

Every time I talk about what I do, I hear some whouhouuu. They think I’m only around fancy people, the fact that I am French doesn’t help.  Let me bust the myth here, as much as I don’t dress superstars, I make every one feel like a superstar during and after a styling session. I dress “normal people”. 

Why would you need a red carpet opportunity to justify getting yourself a Personal Stylist? We all put clothes on, we all go shopping, read magazines, watch the trends secretly wishing we could improve our image and feeling a bit intimidated by the fact half the people we are looking at seem more stylish than we will ever be.  

Do you remember that scene in the Devil wear’s Prada? When Andy laughs at the belts saying they all look the same? And Miranda tells her how Fashion designers spent a lot of time and money to design this cerulean jumper especially for ‘her kind of people’ who doesn’t care about fashion?

Bullshit, every girl cares about fashion, whether you live in your gym clothes or office attire. If you don’t like the word fashion lets call it feeling good. Ready to admit it to yourself? Even Andy loved fashion, she just had to fall in love with it in her own way. Lets face it, unless you are planning to go and live naked on a Caribbean island you are going to have to wear clothes! In addition you deserve to feel fabulous in them whether you are a Miranda or an Andy, nobody owns fashion, it belongs to anyone that wakes up and gets dressed in the morning. Since moving to the UK, I have learned that requires a lot of layering!

 Owning your stylistic choices sets a precedent for the other areas of your life. You are making a choice in the way you show up to the world. How you look, makes a massive difference to how you behave and interact with people. Look at what happened to Andy. Fashion gave her the power and confidence to take back control of her life. When you start choosing to invest in yourself, the universe takes notice. I am here to tell you, yes, you deserve the bloody cashmere. Getting dressed is something you will do pretty much every day for the rest of your life, so why not make it count? 

If you think you don’t have time, the right body, are not good enough lets recreate that story. Do you want to wake up excited to check out your wardrobe in the morning? Are you not fed up of that same  grey top you keep meaning to throw away. Let me help. After all when you want to improve your hair, you hire a professional. I am here for all you Andy’s out there. Personal Stylists are so much more than celebrity accessories, I work with anyone that just wants to feel pretty in what they wear, find the colours that express their personality and lines that make the most of every part of who they are. 

Consider me your style blow dry….

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