How to Unlock Clothes Phobia

Clothes Phobia, it is a thing you know! 

Let me tell you a story… I was with a lovely client not a long ago and we were talking about tights. 

She said she will only wear thick black ones, at least 80 Denier not less. I took one look at her legs and shook my head, legs like that are not made to be blacked out by tights. My female intuition kicked in, she clearly wanted to wear skirts, though might as well have been wearing trousers until she had the confidence to step out in tights that will do her assets some justice.

After a little gentle probing, she told me she had this ancient belief from her mother that wearing sheer tights made her look vulgar. Well more specifically, a prostitute. This had put the fear of god in her that every time she stepped out in a sheer less than 80, she was displaying herself as one. 

I had to change that story for her, to show her she had to overcome this lie to get showing off those lovely long legs. So, we sat outside a coffee, my working essential, and we looked at the women in the street As we watched the crowds pass by, I asked her to show me one girl that lacked style and elegance in sheer tights with a skirt or dress. “No, not at all, they don’t look like sluts they look great” Her epiphany moment sank in and she looked at me smiling “lets go back to the department store and get me some new tights” 

What stories are you telling yourself about the clothes you’re wearing, no worse not wearing?We all have them. myself I  had that same feeling for paperboy hats.  Born from the nineties I went through the Gavroche hat phase in France, an aunt got me one for Christmas. I was hiding all my hair under the thick velvety material thinking I looked so cool as I was cruising through town. Until I saw photos of me with it a couple of months later. Cringe. It was making my head look ridiculously big, I looked like I was going for an audition for the chimney boy in Mary Poppins. Would I never wear a hat again? Imagine a life with no hats? In London how would a girl survive?

But as fashion trends can bite us in the ass sometimes, they can also bring us great joy when does right.  The paper bag hats came back last season.  Those hats were everywhere, haunting me at night. Plus I was seeing it all over different magazines, instagram and I was again tempted by that effortless, chic look. I threw away that old picture, bought myself a hat, and took a new one. It looks great, perhaps that comes from an inner confidence I have developed with owning my style. I don’t tuck my hair inside, wear it with a chunky belted coat and nice a pair of boots, voila I finally look cool in a paper boy hat. 

So either tights or hats or anything else, don’t let old beliefs stop you. If something is grabbing your eye, or if you want to revisit some old trends, there is always new ways to style it differently to make it au gout du jour! And if you struggle with that, well, book a session with your favourite Styling Coach,

she loves a challenge!! 

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